Call recording label


Is it possible to insert a label when you finish a call recording in order to later find it more easily ? thanks


No, but records are keep in CDR so you can use this filters.

You can use external software if you need more function (or write it itself).


Thanks Marcin. Do you know if the problem with the memory recicle was solved in new versions?? I remember that when the systems runs out of memory the recording stop instead of delete old records like DVRs do.


No, there is no overwrite solution, you need use cleaner instead.
New 20.xx will introduce better clearing solution which should fix problem of bad solution.
19.xx work in strange way but as far i know it work.

Anyway: never use SD card for recordings !
So far best is NAS if you have SMB1.


but do you intend to find a voice recording or just a stripped phone call?


Ok Marcin, thaks for your comments!


Yes Damiano, what my customer needs is to easily find recordings of problematic calls, if they could be tagged, it will be easier.