Call queues?


I’ve been struggling with this for a while, and I’m sure what I’m looking for is fairly basic, but I feel like I’ve gone down the wrong rabbit hole.
One of my receptionists is leaving, so I’ll be down to one, who is also responsible for checking people in. I’d rather not have to have her constantly pulled away to tell people “please hold”, instead I’d rather they go on hold until she is ready to answer, and not have the phone ring and her feel the need to answer.
I feel like the way to do this is with call queues. What I’d like, ideally is for her to be able to dial up the queue and answer the next call in the queue, as well as some kind of visual feedback that there are calls waiting. Best I can see right now is have her sign on and off of the queue dynamically, but I’m running in to trouble with my dialling patterns (“The number you dialled is incorrect”), and I’m not sure this is quite what I’m looking for anyways…

Hardware UCM6204 and GXP2140


You are on the right path, but consider -

Rather than dynamic, you may want to leave the receptionist as static and then use the agent pause and un-pause dial codes. You could then assign some other extensions as dynamic in the event the load becomes too much or the remaining receptionist is out for the day, etc., then they could log in an help.

The receptionist does not dial up the Q, the Q takes an inbound call and puts the call in “suspense”
while the system looks for an available agent to take the call. The pause/unpause makes them available/unavailable as does DND. When an agent becomes available the system will automatically send the call to same. You will need to put a wrap-up time in order for the agent/receptionist to have enough time following the end of a call to dial the pause code; otherwise the second they hang-up a call, the system will see that and route a pending call to them.

If memory serves you can set a BLF to the Q which will indicate if calls are pending.

In the phone there is a dial plan. You likely need to modify it to accept the needed code something like { x+ | *x+ | xxx+ }, but the format may depend on the make of phone involved.


Isn’t the PAUSE button not a DND trigger by default?

Would you recommend to program codes directly on the phone or via/in the pbx?


No, the pause button is not the same as DND. DND prevents any call, agent pause prevents call queue calls, but should not impact direct calls to the extension.

The PBX should be the control point.


This is what i would do but you need a spare fxs extension.

  1. Add the fxs as a blf on the main phone.
  2. Add ring grp with just the fxs
  3. Add ring grp with main phone and fxs
  4. Bounce the call between these ring groups.
    The fxs will be like a pickup button and visual indicator of incoming call.
    Ring timeout to the other group as a reminder of call with a short ring time.


Still working on this. After much hair pulling, I’ve found that in the event that an agent is configured in the queue, the caller does not get the option for a callback if they are at the front of the line (even if only agent is set to DND).
If no agents are in the queue, then they get the option wherever they are in queue. So I feel like my best option is dynamic agents.

Unfortunately I’m bashing my head against the wall on the dial plan. I’ve tried every variation I can think of xxxx* or xxxx** or 6501* or 6501**, and its just reporting “the number you dialled is incorrect…”

Any thoughts?



I’ve read that… multiple times… doesn’t really address the problems I said I’m having, but thank you for replying.


if you want it to receive the calls in the queue, enable the calls on hold, then set that on the screen it signals the calls waiting on the appropriate button,

if the online explanations don’t answer your questions, you should open a ticket: