Call queue on Wave App mobile/Desktop


Hi, there is a way to use Wave desktop or Wave Mobile apps with a call Queue? The apps never ring when a call arrive from a queue.

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use a dedicated soft phone instead - google sip softphone


Dear user,

Thank you for using the Wave application! Wave mobile devices are usually not recommended to be used in call queue service scenario. You can use Wave Desktop application instead. Could you kindly let us know how you configure it on the UCM63xx? You can send me a private message with the configuration screenshots. Thanks for your testing!

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Hi, I setup the Desktop app using the QR code. I use our plan to connect it. Even when I’m on local network.


Dear user,

Thank you for your feedback! We want to check your Call Queue settings on the Web UI of your UCM63xx. Could you kindly send some screenshots to us about your UCM63xx settings? You can also send me a private message and share the remote access of your UCM63xx to us so that we can test/troubleshoot this issue remotely. You can also test this issue again, and download the syslog from the Web UI of your UCM63xx and send them to us for troubleshooting. Thanks for your testing!

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Hi, I don’t have any option to send message. I think my account are to new.












We use 6500* and 6500** to login and logout


I don’t think it’s the solution, but on advanced queue try to set:
Leave When Empty = NO
Dial in Empty Queue = YES


nota GS: Note : Wave Mobile users may experience delays in receiving calls due to app wakeup processes or wireless network latency. As this may affect the queue call answering performance, it is not recommended to assign Wave Mobile users as agents.


The Wave App for the PC is seriously under developed. No BLF keys or access to Park keys, it really needs some work.


Have you taken the time to request this feature? Usually Grandstream is very proactive about new features. In the past when they launched the UCM61XX series, I asked for a ton of features and they added it all.

Working in the same way helps to move forward. Complain no.

Your reply is out of place in my post.



Hi Damiano, thank you for your suggestion. I tested it and the Wave application didn’t work.

GS: Even if the Wave desktop or mobile apps doesn’t get the call from the queue, I still geting the missed call notifications on both apps.


Using wave app for queue will be a must. I am the network administrator of a company that have 10 sites. I have 1 technician in my team and are on the road 50% of the time. Being able to login and out from the queue while working on one of our sites will be a must. We don’t have the time or the space to install our deskphone to answer a call from the queue.


Dear users,

Thank you for all your feedback! For the BLF/Call Park features in Wave application, these are known feature requests and I have already passed them to our Wave development team for evaluation before. Please kindly refer to our release information in the future.

For the call queue issue, please refer to the screenshot below. There are no agents configured in the UCM63xx, you need to select and set some agents in the call queue:

Please kindly check which agent you are using as the call queue member. This should be a configuration issue.

Please note that we do not recommend users to use the Wave mobile application as the call queue member. Thanks for your testing!

Thank you!


I hadn’t even seen the screenshot above, but rightly so if you don’t put any members in a queue, how do they ring?


Hi Damiano,

Thanks for your feedback! Based on the given configuration for queue 6500, it seems that there is no agent configured in this call queue. Please refer to the screenshot below:


Thank you!