Call Queue Member login status


I have Grandstream in an office with six operators that are scattered throughout the building. In their prior phone system, they had an indicator that showed whether the other operators were logged into the queue or not. I can not find this function in Grandstream. Is there a way, maybe a desktop app or desktop console of some kind, that will show them the status of the other members of the call queue. Just as an fyi, they are currently all using the same 2170 phone, and are logging into the queue as dynamic agents.


They can login into the UCM interface with their extension number and user password to see the Switchboard.

They should be able to manage that through there.


Unfortunately that will only show them their extensions, not that of the whole system. Of course the person who is defined as Queue Chairman can see everyone. Further, if you give someone the Queue Admin privilege, they will see all, but be able to change all too :frowning:

I have a feature request in to provide a Custom Privilege that would be equivalent to what the Queue Chairman can do (read only view of the queues).

Please feel free to open a ticket with Grandstream in support if you agree this is needed.


That is what I have found as well. The ability to see who is in the queue is very important to my client.

I have seen, I believe, some options that would allow you to put call statistics on a Marquee for viewing, but nothing about showing the queue members.

I like your suggestion about the custom value. That would be very helpful. Or maybe add it as a function to GS Affinity.