Call queue issues


I have setup the ring groups and placed the agents in the ring groups, and where do i check that bot fowareded to the call queue?


And the ring group is set to be sent over to the call queue


Ring group IS NOT queue.
This 2 are different features, use queue instead of ring groups.


you can’t read the document I gave you first.
put the link on it?


Guys i have literally tried everything, the call queue does not show any statistics.
is there maybe a app i should be using with the system?
because not even the people who supplied us with the product are able to assist, or would any of you maybe be able to login remotely to assist?


hire Larry to help… @lpneblett


I have a 61XX around and I will see what I can do, but I won’t have the call volume that most would expect, but even one call should show something if all is set.

Can you show me a screen shot of one of your existing call queues, both pages so I can emulate as closely as possible?


I use 61xx and have statistics on Queue.
Must be something wrong set.