Call Queue Agent status as a BLF


I have a UCM6208 PBX with GXP2107’s deployed all firmware is the latest. For my call center department I set up call queue-ing that works great, but we have agents that pause themselves and then never un-pause. The manager of the department doesn’t have time to log into the switchboard and would like to see a light on an extension board of which agents are paused or unpaused. Is this possible? I have looked and it seems other PBX’s have configurations that allow this but after numerous Google Searches I don’t see a configuration for a BLF to monitor Agent status. Any help would be appreciated!


You cannot. BLF is not designed this way.

I only can think one solution (it is not perfect):
BLF to queue and each agent.
Then if you have ring all strategy you can see which phones are ring and which not.

There is also option to write self code for this or buy existing solution.


Thank you for the reply, that is what I needed to know.