Call-pickup par préfixe


Good morning
i have a UCM6302A and phones
Grandstream GXP1782

my question is the following I would like to prohibit telephones from tapping the call of a specific phone and leave the right to this phone to tap the calls of others.

I repeat no phone will be able to sting incoming calls on a phone that of the admin
and the admin could tap incoming calls on other phones.


Hello there, If you are meaning for an extension to have no one to listen in on conversations that they have then this is possible. On a UCM62xx it is found under UCM–>Extensions–>EXT–>Features–>Monitor privilege control–>Allow call-barging - no entries will stop barge in / monitoring of calls.

If the online manual doesn’t help, use the helpdesk link.


I think you would have to adjust the dial plan on all the other phones to include ^**1000 if 1000 is the admin phone.


that was not the subject of my request
I spot
this option
Force BLF Call-pickup by prefix

gives a telephone the right to answer incoming calls on other extensions.
I want no one to be able to answer incoming callers to an admin position


remove the admin phone from the pickup groups.


Try disabling Pickup on Ringing Prefix under Feature Codes on the UCM
and enable only only Pickup Extension and configure your pickup groups accordingly