Call pickup hold phone line


Hi, have a UC6202 on, and a phones gxp2170 on
incoming call goes to hunt group , the second member of group pickup a call with *8 and transfer a call to another extension, when finishes transfer the extension that initially pickup call are busy ( and red ligth on on blf keys) until other call ends.
If the call goes directly to the first phone of hunt group the transfer works fine, when transfer finishes the extension are free.

Any suggestion?



maybe I don’t understand, but what’s the question?


What is a hunt group in this context? If you mean ring group, and the second "member: picks up using *8, the question is why? As a member of the RG, the call will ring to them anyway.

How is the transfer accomplished"? How does the second member transfer the call exactly; what steps are taken?


thans for reply
is not a ring group, its a queue and the member whants to pick up the call more quickly with *8, the queue has 10" ring betwen members.
If a member of a group pick up with *8 and then transfer the call to other extension, the line are bussy until the transfered extension ends call.


How many line appearance on each phone of the Q members?


2 lines
the phones are gxp2170