Call Parking Lot Indicator


Is it possible to set an indicator that a call is in the parking lot? I’d like to press #72 or #1,700 and then be able to see the call with a light next to it on the handset.


A BLF key properly set up can monitor a call park slot.

What type of phone are you using?


I’m using a GXP2160 phone handset and a UCM6100 PBX.


Are they up to date on firmware versions?(both UCM and GXP)
If not, what firmware are they on.

A MPK set to Call park with a value of the slot you want to monitor(701) should work.


That works. Is there any reason the green light stays on after the called ended?


That is the default indicator that it is monitoring the value. Red is busy, Green is available, off is not monitored.
There are settings for that in the phone as well if you’d like them changed.


Thanks. #1, 700 is working. Is it possible to enable #72? I hear the tones but it doesn’t park the call.


That is a phone system setting in feature codes
must enable to work

also in parking lot settings I like to enable “treat parking slots as extensions”


Thanks, that works.