Call park with multiple accounts



When I use call park, I do it via speed dial and the value is 700. I found out though if you have more than one account on a phone, the call park which is value 700 only works for the first account on the phone. Has anyone found a way around this?



HI there,

assign VPK 701, 702 for account 1
and for account 2 assign 703,704,…


I am un-sure of how you are using that Speed Dial button, would you care to elaborate on your situation? What are you trying to do with a call, send it to the Parking Lot, or retrieve a call from the Parking Lot? What telephone(s) are you using?



You can park the call in a couple of ways -

  1. Press 700 and allow the system to announce where it parked the call.
  2. Set up keys on the phone to physically represent the parking spots using monitored call park or call park. In order to use this effective the parking lot setup (in call features) should have “use parking slot as extension” enabled. In this manner it effectively becomes a BLF key where one can take a call and then park and/or retrieve the call by pressing the associated key.

What Bogdan is indicating is that because you apparently have more than one account on a phone, that when setting up the BLF, DSS, VMPK or other keys is that you basically set aside a range of keys to be associated to each account. So, starting at 701 thru 70X, you assign these to account 1, then 70Y to 71X to account 2 and so on.

It does require that you have a phone with enough keys to accommodate the need.

The issue with what is happening currently is that when the call comes in, you are sending the call to a phone whose line/extension is set to an account. So, you take the call at that phone on a given account. When you dial 700, the system will automatically park the call in an available slot and announce which slot.

A lot of this has to do with what make and model of phone is in use and how provisioned, but this was not stated.


I am trying to put a call on Park. However, if my phone has more than one account, it seems the “Park” button only works for one account. The phone is a GXP2135


What about #72 as a dialDTMF?


Again, no idea of phone make and model nor how the key is set.


I thought I posted that it was a GXP2135 and the button is a speed dial for 700.


You did, my apologies. But why are you using a speed dial and is it associated to an account? How was the phone provisioned and why not use a call park button?


I just tried dialDTMF with a value of #72. It seems to work across multiple accounts


A call comes into extension 100 and is answered. Assuming 100 is account 1, and 200 is account 2 and is also on the phone.

When you set the speed dial key for 700 up, how was that done? Did you not use an account in its setup?


When on a call, and I press the speed dial for 700, an automated voice comes on announcing the parking lot position you are sending the call, which in my case would be 701. However, I have been testing a button with a mode of “dialDTMF” and a value of “#72”, this does the same but across all accounts on the phone. Even though this new button is set up on account 1, it works for all live calls, no matter which account the caller is on.


Yes, I had already indicated how 700 would work with the announcement and all. What I was trying to get to was how the key you were pressing was set up and if provisioned from the UCM. The reason being that when using Zero-Config and then editing the extension keys I can -

When using Zero-Config and editing all the extensions for a given model using a template, I can -

One requires an account, the other does not. This is why I asked how the key was programmed.


Dear user,

Thank you for using the UCMRC service! As Ipneblett claimed, you may send some screenshots which display how you program the MPK so that we can check this issue. I think this should be a configuration issue. Thanks!


I am still not understanding something about your situation. On my GXP2140 telephones, when a call is active I get a Soft-key for Call Park, do you not get that Soft-key on your GXP2135 telephones? The Soft-key will act on the call regardless of which account is being used for the call.



I program the key now as a dial DTMF, the value is #72. It seems to be working.

Thanks for your help.


I got it to work now. I use a dial DTMF button with a value of #72.



Thanks for your feedback!

Thank you!