Call Park issue UCM 6302 & GRP2670



We have a UCM 6302 and 3 GRP2670 phones.

I have a couple of VMPKs set up for Call park and I restricted the the parking lot to 701 and 702 only.

The VMPKs are set as BLF keys.

I also have the “Use Parking Lot As Extension” feature is

My issue is that when a call is parked, the phone that parked the call doesn’t let go of the call.

I’m guessing this is a feature of the GRP phones.

I would like that when the call is parked, the phone that parks it should release the call.

Any help is appreciated.

Thank you



the call is system parked, so you can pick it up with the correct code from the same phone or from another phone,
in the manual you will find the correct settings


Firmware versions?


Set the VMPK’s as Monitored Call Park keys, 701, 702.


Thank you. The issue is resolved.

The firmware versions for the phones were, and

I upgraded them all to the latest and set the two call park buttons to Monitored Call Park.

Thank you for your help.