Call Park / Call Queue Combo


Is there any way to have like a call park/call queue combo. I have a customer that wants to be able to put a call into a call park and then if the person that it is intended for does not pick it up it, then it rings that phone for a couple of rings and then goes back to a call park. It is just a couple of office people so I know I can create a call park per agent so that if they do not pick it up, the call does go to the extension it is intended for. But they would like it so that the phone would ring a couple seconds and then go back to a call park.

I see that i can create a Call queue per agent but they don’t want the phone to be constantly ringing. I see in queue settings that you can set it to only ring the agents every x amount of seconds. But it does not appear that that I can pick that queue up with a BLF if the phone is not ringing.

Any tips??


Once you park it, the only thing you can have it do is go back to the person who parked it. Sorry, but I see no way to do what you’re asking.


I almost have it.

In the latest version under Parking Lots. it allows you to create multiple parking lots. It also allows you to change the destination.

So in my testing. I did Parking Lot Timeout > Ring Group > Ext with unconditional call FW to Call park. That actually works The only issue i am getting when the unconditional call forward transfers to the call park it plays back the call park number.


That’s what I was thinking. I think that will correct with the next firmware that shows CID of the person in Park, but I don’t really know for sure.