Call Not hang up after call end


is not true, before I use this gateway , we use a analog card on our issable and it work fine with panasonic.


I understand that you have a problem, I read other users who try to help you and I seem to read that you do not accept the advice, in a forum we exchange opinions and try to help, it is not a good thing to contest any help.
Remember that we are all simple users here, some are installers, but nobody gets money to help you out.


Well what were the settings in the Analogue FXO card plugged into Issabel? Duplicate them inside the Grandstream.


sorry for my bad lanuge , I know all user try help me , thank all user @scottsip @ipneblett


I can’t, previous is card and now I have gateway , is not same


What sort of telephone line is plugged into the Panasonic? is it a PSTN analogue line - POT’s line?


8 PSTN Line connected to panasonic but 8 ext of panasonic is plunged to gateway


it would take a scenario to understand better, tell me if I understand correctly:

  • Panasonic switchboard with 8 analogue lines at the input
  • 8 analog extensions come out of the Panasonic switchboard and enter UCM via FXO (GXW)

If everything is correct what I wrote, go ahead and complete the scenario and describe the problem in detail.


Plug the 8 lines direct into the Grandstream Gateway GXW4108 - remove the Panasonic out of the middle. Let Issabel and Grandstream device work direct together - better outcome.

Then what is needed for local extensions is software client direct to Issabel.

Just use a labeller to identify what line position that the 8 x PSTN lines go into the Panasonic so you can switch them back.


Kevin you say well if to give it a try,
@paladin_2006 keep in mind that the analog line will probably have very different impedances and tones from the analog extension coming out of Panasonic.


and how Issable transfer call to panasonic extension ?


no panasonic extension … you would use issabel only


yes, exactly true


but I need panasonic extension


cant the users locally to the office use software like GSWave / Zoiper / XLite as the extension from Issabel?


ok, details can have them?


No some where is not have PC or mobile phone


What does Issabel do for the panasonic ?


connect with Sip trunk to other issable that connect to other panasonic.its a network of extension that located far away.


so to elaborate …

You have a:
Panasonic at office 1
8 PSTN lines into the Panasonic at office 1
Panasonic at office 1 to Issabel 1
Panasonic at office 2
8 PSTN lines into the Panasonic at office 2
Panasonic at office 2 to Issabel 2

Where does the GXW4108 come into picture?