Call Not hang up after call end


my card is SLc16


this settings of card


are this information enough ?


That is not a model number, but a generic indication of function Single Line Card (SLC) 16 ports. The model number will start with KX-TDAXXXX.


if you look carefully under the 3 codes there should be a “dot” that identifies those of the 3 codes is exactly (you can find it printed on the printed circuit)


this model of card , that write on card.good?


What is set in the GXW for Current Disconnect and the time?

You are using an extension card, which would normally be connected to a phone. PSTN trunk providers may generate CPC signalling, but seldom an extension card. As a result, the GXW system may not react to the settings you entered as the card may not be generating them. If there was an analog phone connected instead of the GXW, the phone would simply let you hear the tones, it would not hang up.

In the KX card, set the max flash time to 700ms. Then set the disconnect threshold in the GXW to 800ms. DIsable tone detection and try.


the busy tone?


That is not the setting I asked for.


current disconnect set to NO


I can’t find Max flash time ,we have only flash time Min and Flash time range


Enable current disconnect and set flash range to 600 and try.


No luck


we have no luck


sorry, I don’t know in detail your ATA, but inside the programming there is no test of the semi / automatic settings like on UCM?


And did you enable current disconnect and set to 800ms?


yes, I do




Enable Tone Disconnect ch1-8:y


you have 900ms. the manual states 800 is max.


Kev, If memory serves, the TDE100/200 only supports CPC on trunk cards. He is using a SLT (single line telephone card) 16 port card that I think is loop start. There is no way to adjust the signaling on the card other than the hook switch values and the Pulse or DTMF timing.

As they have the HS timing set to 112 with a range of 904, I was hoping to set the range to something lower and then set the disconnect threshold of the GXW beyond that. However, I now wonder what would happen is flash detection is disabled?

The key is in knowing what the SLC card determines to be a proper disconnect signal and then implementing, but we are guessing.

My take is to disable the flash detection and try and if that does not work, then contact Pany and ask and failing that move to SIP -