Call Not hang up after call end


I have a GWX410x gateway and a TDE200 panasonic PBX , 8 line connected from panasonic to FXO port of gateway and it configured to connect to issabel when a caller hand up a call, our desk phone still ringing. I try change busy tone and solve problem but no luck


Run auto diagnosis. Your setting are not correct.
Also this is wrong topic.


thank you for reply,how i can run auto diagnosis?


function in GXW -> autodetect


Corrected forum setting.


I do that , but no progress tone settings is change after autodetect complete but still have problem


I think its correct!whee is correct forum ?


Moved. It was in ISDN gateways not analogue.

Do you see change in call tones after test ?
Also be sure that PBX do not have 2 different set of calls - only CITY should be set on this extensions. It is often in older pbx that internal call is different then outside. In such cased one of them will not disconnect.


yes , I see changes.
Only internal call is connected to CITY (CO) call.I sure about that


IT might be helpful to know a little more-

It appears that you are using the gateway to bridge calls between PBX systems with the Pany being analog and the other being IP.

How about telling us when an extension from which PBX hangs-up, which PBX is not ending the call at the other end? Is it when an extension hangs up from the IP system or when an extension hangs up from the PANY?

It would also be helpful to know the trunk card model number to which you are connecting the TDE and GXW together. As an aside, the TDE is SIP capable, why not use SIP instead?


Check if signals are City. Disconnect need 2 signals to be completed. So if it is strange internal then it could not work.
You can try get raw signal from GXW analog (option in gxw) and see what is going there with disconnect.


yes , I use gateway to bridge my TDE 200 Panasonic to IP phones .

when analog (TDE 200 Panasonic phones which connected to gateway) hang up the phone , IP phones not hangup and still ringing .it appear when a analog phone try to connect to IP phone .

I don’t have any other card.only GXW-4108 which connect to TDE.

is it mean we can use SIP phone and sip trunk without using Issable ?How?


when the sip phone connect together directly (using issable) its work fine and hangup,but when a analog TDE phone connect to IP phone , its not hang mean issable is work fine and problem is gateway

How do that?

  1. Problem is line between GXW and TDE, also you conclusion is wrong.
    This depend who END call not who start it. Again this is problem with wrong disconnect tones.

2 Same place where is test, last part is for caching signal.

You may want open ticket to GS directly (helpdesk)


what is that mean?is it mean we need to replace cable between TDE to GWX?
I m sure busy tone is correct( I calculate and use Auto tone detection , all is same).are any other setting may we must to check?


The card I was referring to is the extension or line card in the Pany system.


sorry, Im newbie in VIOP.what is pany system?


A common reference to Panasonic. ,


we not talk about card , we talk about gateway.


I understand, but what supplies the gateway with the disconnect signal? The card. If we know what the card is, we might be able to understand its capabilities and settings and better assist in finding the needed settings to match.

The choice is yours. There are no guarantees, and as Marcin suggested, perhaps a ticket submission will offer the faster resolution.

Good luck.