Call interception problem UCM6202


Hello everyone,

I have a UCM6202 with posts GXP2160, I am in firmware on UCM6202 and for GXP2160 they are firmware

Since the update of UCM6202 I can no longer intercept the calls via MPK keys on the GXP2160 as a temporary solution that I found is to use call interception with the function code * 8 but this is not the right solution.

In configuration I have created an interception group on the UCM6202 server.

Thanks for your feedback.


Check this post.


Thank you for your return, that’s exactly it, I have the message “No Response” on the LCD 2160

I will try tomorrow to downgrade the GXP2160 in I did not think, I would make you a return if your solution will save me from my client =)


Hello, I created the post that was sent to you by lpneblett. I re upgraded to the latest on my 2160s and after making the BLF change they worked like before no need to downgrade, just change the SIP setting mentioned


do not downgrade, just follow these instructions:
P6752 = 1 [BLF Call-pickup]


Downgraded v back to v after losing ability to pickup other extension

Hello, I’m coming back to you about my PICKUP GROUP problem. Actually I did not do a downgrade, on the posts 2160 I force BLF Call-pickup and it works for me. Solution: Account -> Sip Setting -> Advanced Features -> BLF Call-Pickup = BLF Force Call-pickup by prefix Thank you for your help in any case forum is great.


above I posted the solution