Call History only shows CID NAME


Call History only shows CID NAME unless you look at the DETAIL of the call…

It would be nice if the CALL HISTORY would “alternate” like the GXP21XX series phones do.

There are many times that I, personally use the caller ID Number (along with the name) to identify which call I want to return… One instance is a DID call from a large corporation, the caller ID NAME is “XYZ corporation” but the caller ID Number is the actual caller’s DID number. I may have received three or four calls from “XYZ Corporation” and want to quickly see which call I want to return without pressing CALL DETAIL for each one.



We already noted this issue from other thread that are discussing about the same issue.



Sorry, I thought GS Rick had requested me to start a new thread on this…



My apologize, the other thread is discussing about CLID not CID in history.
We already noted your issue as well.