call from dorphone audio delay



Hi all,
when i make call from GDS3710 to GXP 2160. Call rings and whe customer lift handset speach starts after 3 sec.
so if u pick up handset and start to talk other side can’t hear you for 3 sec

any idea!?



Good catch!

Yes, this is a known bug and we are working to fix it. Please keep tuned. Thanks!


Echo cancellation training does take a while, but yes, 3 secs is too long.



waiting for solution :wink:



It is fixed and will be available in next firmware release. Please keep tuned. Thanks!


Still waiting for the next Firmware!


Yes, already fixed, under QA testing now, will be released very soon. Please keep tuned. Sorry for the inconvenience. Thank you for using Grandstream products!


Still the same issue, it is unprofessional from a company like Grandstream


Could you input IP address to make the GDS and GXP to talk directly to see whether the delay still there?
I am guessing the UCM or IPPBX might be the culprit or maybe the network? I assume the GDS and GXP are in the same location, or LAN.

Please advise. Thanks!


I have this same issue, I haven’t had a chance to perform a pcap and analyise but since someone else is experiencing it, it makes me feel it might just not be my specific setup. I have 7 phones (various vendors Yealink, Snom, Panasonic) attached to a PBX via a VPN (all fibre connections, latency 4-5ms). The only phone that exhibits this 3 second delay in audio is the GDS3710. I will capture a call and see what it looks like and share my findings.


@cste005: Yes, please help to capture a trace. If it is GDS issue, we will fix it. Thanks!


i have same issue with my new GDS3170, is there a fix?
can a VLAN for ip phones can give it an help?


What is the firmware version? This issue already fixed in firmware. Thanks.