Call forward


two calls


I assume the model of Portech you have is a single channel GSM gateway given the single sim card and as a result you can only make one call at any given time, but the forward is 2 calls.; hence hwy the message about the circuits being busy.

Have you ever made two outbound simultaneous calls from the extensions? If not, try it and let us know if you can.


ok i do this: i get this voicemail “all service are busy now please try again later”


here is my portech


You need a sim card for each call. As it stands, you can only make or receive 1 call at any given time. There is no way around this when using a GSM gateway which is why your particular model has 4 sim card slots as it will support up to 4 simultaneous calls. This is why the messages when you try and dial out when a call is already in progress.


ok i understand … thank you so much Sir… Could you refer me a gsm gateway which can do this please


The one you have will apparently do it, get another gsm card,.


yes it can do two calls simultaneously if i have two gsm card ,if i setup fail over trunk… Do you think if i have two gsm card , the extension call will be forwarding on my cell phone, if there is not no response


Yes, that will work. Get and install the second card and then look in the portech as it may have the capability to handle sending the call out the available trunk.


ok i will do this, if there is trouble i will inform you… thx for your support