Call forward


ok thx… i understand


I understand what you want, but how do you dial a “+”? This is why I asked,how do you dial the number NORMALLY?

Your rule, as Mike pointed out is incorrect. The system is doing the dialing and has no extension number. Is there a reason for the filter?


ok i will give you an example
if i want to call 34565815 by this number 47266109
i just dial 34565815 but on the screen you will see +50947266109 , i dont put any “+” when i dial


Then why do you have a + in the dial string? Take it out.


i put this + because when i observe my active calls , all incoming call has “+509” as you can seen in my screenshot


ok the call is forwarding to 50936772227 but it does not work , i just hear: the number you dial is incorrect please check the number and dial again


And what are you using for telephone service?

The + is an e.164 format and is how some providers deliver the caller ID. Has nothing to do with dialing out in most cases as you yourself said you don’t dial out using it.


i use a gxp1405 and my provider is digicel


Cellular, sip, analog or other?


i use sip


i use sip at home for test… and cellular for personnal


Uncheck the “filter on source ID” box. Use the lowest possible privilege level. Remove any leading characters from the “forward to” phone number and use 10 digits only.

Then test.


If you are getting that message, I suspect the provider as it seems unlikely the UCM would know about an incorrect number. You need to do a capture.


I’ve had the UCM give me that message when a call pattern is not conforming . . . eg I only dial six digits. I suspect it is the + symbol that he entered as part of the “call forward to” number. That combined with his restriction of only allowing calls from one extension is probably what’s gumming up the works.


what capture can i show you


active calls, extension configuration or outbound routes


Hi Mr. Charles,

How are you? Well, you don’t have use +509 to make ucm call forward to your cell phone because it is a code country. You can use your cell phone number directly, example 036772227 or 36772227. May I ask you, if someone in your country ask your cell phone number, what do you tell him/her your cell number, +50936772227 or 036772227 or 36772227? I think you will tell him/her 036772227 or 36772227. I really don’t know how you mention your cell phone number in your country, but in my country we always mention zero (0) in front of our cell phone number to replace our code country. I hope this can solve your problem.
Good luck

Best Regards,



Fine. Thx and you. Thx so much for your idea. I m gonna try.


when i give my number i just say 36772227


Hi Mr. Charles,

You can put your cell phone number which you have mentioned above on your custom number and please don’t forget to save and apply any changes you have made on ucm. And please make sure your outbound pattern match with your cell phone number.

Good Luck Sir,

Best Regards,