Call forward


hi everybody
How are you
i m using ucm6104 .i want to forward my incoming call to a specific number
i have 3 extensions 2001 2002 2003. i receive my calls on extension 2002
when i forward my call on 2003 it works
when i forrward it to custom number it does not work
how can u help…


check the outgoing path with the “+”
and keep in mind that this is a trip on no answer


ok i m gonna see thx


unfortunately it doesn t work


without scenario, details and various screens, it is impossible to give you a hand


ok when i receive a call from my extension, if i m not available , i want to forward it to my cell phone… i do this , it does not work


not available does not exist on UCM, it exists in case of no answer, busy or always.
As written above you don’t give enough elements


ok ok thx… what do you mean’’ i don t give enough elements’’


we reverse the roles, you have to try to give an answer to a problem that I have, and above read the elements.
Can you answer me?


ok let s try


you know i m a beginner… but i can trry to answer


to describe a situation you don’t need to be a Nobel Prize :slight_smile:
it is only a question of correctly describing a problem so that the reader is well aware of the scenario

  • do you normally call the forward number?
  • Is the trunk set correctly?
  • are the outgoing rules done correctly?
  • Have the permits been checked?

I believe 99% of the problem is found by answering these questions


ok thx … my incoming and my outgoing calls work normally, except when i setup my extension , the privileg was internal …


Hi Mr. Charles,
Maybe you can change your custom number from +509 to 0, so your custom number become 03636772227. I hope this can help to solve your problem. Good Luck

Best Regards,


thank you Ray … i m gonna try


How do you dial the number (the one you want to forward) normally?

On the outbound rule, what does it look like?


I receive all external call by this extension 2002. I decide if 2002 is ringing without answer, I want this call to be transferred to this number +50936772227


my outbound routes


I have had this same issue. I believe that when you’re filtering on source caller ID and you list extensions that are allowed to use the outbound route, you exclude the UCM itself which technically has no specific extension.

I got around it (probably not the correct way) but building another outbound rule that had “9” as a prefix. Then I put a “9” in front of the call forward target number. I build the new outbound rule to allow “local” calls, and don’t restrict it by extension number. Then I use the “strip” feature on the outbound rule to remove the leading “9.”

I’d be happy to hear a better way to do this!