Call forward unavailable


I use a portech MV-374 and an ucm6104



I have a sim card in my portech

Number: +509 44 77 41 35

I use two extensions: 2000 and 2002

I use 2000 for inbound and outbound call.

I activate the follow me option on extension 2000.

When the extension 2002 call 2000 the follow me option it works fine , it transfers the call to an external number.(+509 47 26 61 09)

I want to know if the system allows you to transfer calls received from outside from the extension

towards a cellphone.

Can you help me please

Best regards


Connect Portech to trunk not to extension.
Forward will only work by using 2 lines as such feature is probably impossible to do in mobile. Then you will have incoming call on 1 line and outgoing on 2.


ok thx…Marcin…
i use a gxp1625…may i setup both lines


could you say me how to proceed please


Wait, maybe i misunderstand this
How many sim card you have in Portech ?


i use one sim card


i want to forward all incoming call to a cell phone


Not possible unless you can do it on portech. UCm will try open 2 channel for this


Call inbound on the Portech to the UCM to the extension on the UCM will definitely work… but if there is no outbound channel then the call will fail… so you could either:

1./ Get a second Portech with SIM connected to the UCM to do it.
2./ Use a 3rd party Softphone like that of Zoiper / Counterpath run that on the cell phone as an extension off the UCM (providing the UCM has internet connectivity) and then add the Cell Phone Extension into the inbound route


ok thank you…