Call Forward to IVR?


Using UCM6208 ( with the receptionist using a GRP2616 (

They want all incoming calls to ring at Receptionist (1000) and if she doesn’t answer in 3 rings, forward to IVR.

I can’t find where to set up this feature, or if is even possible?

Thanks in advance!


use queues


It is set at the extension level in the UCM. You would set the ring timeout to 18 - 20 seconds and the set forward no answer to the IVR.


Thanks Ipneblett

I can’t find that option, maybe looking at the wrong place


Well, I’ll be. Never looked for it as I did not think I would have to as I thought for sure it would be there.

So, then create a Q with no agents and set the enable destination to the IVR. Set leave when empty to yes and dial in empty to no.


Thanks, I persuaded the customer to use IVR only, because ringing a station first, kind of defeats the purpose of the IVR.

Thanks again for your support.


Use custom number and add IVR number there, it should work.

Or you can create ring group with exit on IVR and set only her there.