Call centre compatible for UCM


We are in search for a reliable 3rd party OUTBOUND call centre compatible with the UCM 62xx series, if anyone has any experience please share.


What do you mean by compatible? What is it you want the center to do?


We need a reliable outbound call centre so that means agents will be only making calls not accepting them (sales), at the moment we are using one by CTI solutions, and it is far from reliable, so I was looking for alternatives and if you have any recommendations do share.


You have said essentially the same thing, but it is so high level that what you seek is still not clear. I understand you want to make outbound calls and you want it to be reliable and able to interface with a UCM, but are you looking for an auto-dailer, predictive dialer, some form of CTI application, is there a CRM involved, what will be the source of the phone numbers, etc.? You have only indicated the end function, but nothing about what is needed or what functionality you are looking for to get there. You may not find something that is only pertinent to outbound, but may have to settle for both in and out; yet only use the out functionality.

Keep in mind that some functions may require certain interfacing into the UCM which may not be supported as the UCM is not as open as some of the other Asterisk based systems.

Here is one possible solution, but again it depends on your needs: