Call Center UCM6204


Hi everyone,
I have an issue on UCM6204, we want to set up percentage of incoming call for every agent in a Call Queue, its ok?
who have you see that problem yet?


What problem? percentage problem? try using Round Robin with Memory or if you login and out correctly, Ring the Agent who has been called least



Thanks for your help,
My issue is " I have 4 agents in Call Queue, and i want to set agent A (40% incoming calls), agent B (30% incoming calls), agent C (20% incoming calls) and agent D (10% incoming calls). I want to set that, because agent A have performance is the best, then B and C and D.
And all strategy i have used, but not solve that issue


The UCM is a great all round IP PBX however will not satisfy your issue here. Send a request for the feature to the Helpdesk


Thank you very much


Thank you very much