Call Center Functionality


I am looking to be able to program one of the available soft keys to show the stats from the queue show feature of an asterisk pbx specifically how many calls are in the queue on an 2160 phone. Is this possible and if so how do I do it?


What you need is a wall board / receptionist duty application that will not work on any of the Grandstream handsets.


It could work on videophone (depend on call center), but not on desktops for sure.



The configuration I have is they have 5 2160 phones and an asterisk pbx they are fairly busy so they will need to see how many calls are in the queue only 2 of the phones will be in the queue regularly they want to be able to monitor the number of calls to be able to login extra agents as needed? I don’t need this on every desktop probably just 2 for monitoring purposes not answering calls. So also do you know Which version would work I really do not what to have to propose the full version if I don’t have to for this?


make an extension the supervisor - not those that are logged in. set up a tv screen on the wall near where they sit. Have a separate computer log in as the supervisor users extension. Navigate to the queue, cast said queue to the tv so the agents can see. The queue statistics will be displayed.

Instant Wall Board