Call Accounting


I am looking for a Call Accounting Software that can integrate with New Hotel PMS.
I want to be able to track calls by time duration and extension, assign call costing, restrict or permit outbound calls, etc.
Any compartible software or should I change my PBX as most vendors are advising me on that.



PMS to UCM and vice versa

There are a few options for call accounting. However you are talking about Hotel Operation and the UCM operates with the major interfaces - Mitel etc…

Maybe ask the Hotel manager which interface he is using.


You have a couple of things mixed up -
The hotel will use a property management system (PMS). The PMS is the package that interacts with the phone system such that certain operations are automated - Check-in, check-out, etc. so that duplicative entry in both the PMS and the PBX are not needed. Further, the PBX will provide certain info back to the PMS such that room status, minibar charges and other is fed to the PMS system so that hotel personnel are aware of room conditions (clean, dirty, etc.) as well as to post charges for calls, minibar and the like to the guest folio.

The PBX will provide a CDR or SMDR record feed to a call accounting package which, based upon the criteria you develop, feed into the PMS system the call charges for posting into the guest folio. The call accounting package has nothing to do with allowing or disallowing calls, it merely passes on call detail and charges.

Allowing and disallowing calls is a function of the PMS or PBX. Disallowing calls would typically take an extension’s permission level and adjusting the setting to internal or other. The key is that the outbound trunks would be set to a permission level higher than the extension(s)’ such that the call would not be allowed out as the extension’s permission level is lower than that of the trunk.

You really need to know what PMS is in use. One of the larger hotel accounting software packages is called Metropolis. They are in a number of the major chains in the US.


Thank you for the clarification which I shared with my team.

The PMS on premise is called New Hotel. The challenge now is getting a hotel accounting software/call accounting software that guarantees it will work with Grandstream and the New Hotel PMS.

Already there was a team which is trying to remove the existing grandstream and replace it with Yeaster and then install a middleware called char utile. But I dont see how this will solve the problem?

My problem is not been able to have billing options, reporting, from the PMS using a third party tool.


I am familiar with the other as well.

However, while you know what PMS will be used, what is lacking is the telephone protocol from within the PMS that will be used. You need to find out as there are a number of different protocols - Mitel, Fidelio, OnQ, and many more.

Char is a middleware that stands in between the PBX and the PMS interface and acts as a translator. Char works with a number of telephone protocols and then translates them into the respective actions on the PBX side.

Grandstream has a similar solution, albeit more limited, with Hmobile.

I have been engaged with another company who is also a middleware integrator for PMS systems. He posted on the forum not too long ago about their product and he did a presentation of their capabilities. They claim their product to work with the UCM and to include call accounting and costing. Here is a link to that post.

If you would like their email, then PM me and I will pass on.

The list of supported PMS systems is mostly EMEA centric, and while I do not see your specific PMS mentioned, it still comes down to the protocol that will be in use. Many PMS systems have the ability of supporting a number of protocols as they want to be able to adapt to as many telephone systems as possible.