Call 1 Extension to call more extensios


Hi All ,
I need to configure one voip device , that device need to call 3 or more extensions in the same time , but on the device there are only 2 fields to compile with the number of extension to call , so is possible to creare 1 extension on UCM6208 that one device call that extension call" one list of extension"? one thing like a ring group…



create a group of contemporary ringtone, or if you have special needs a queue


The call don’t arrive from the outside , the call arrives from one extension and goes to another extension , the extension of destination should have under it self one list of extensiosn to call …so you call only one extension but in truth you are calling more extension simultaneously…

@damiano70 sei italiano?


Set up a dummy extension (an extension in name only and without a phone). Then in the call forward unconditional section of the extension, put in the extension number of a ring group that you set up for this scenario with the extensions you want to ring and then with a ring all strategy.


@lpneblett, couldn’t he just dial the Ring Group number and skip the dummy extension?


Sure he could, I just took it literally from one extension to another as I assume the ring group extensions and the like do not show up in any directories that might be used.


i’m italian :slight_smile:


Thanks , i wiil try it as soon as possible…


Ciao Damiano , avrei una domanda relativa alle linee ISDN , sei ferrato sull’argomento? :slight_smile: posso provare a mandarti un messaggio privato?cosi scriviamo in italiano…


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