Busy Tone Expiration?


It is necessary to provide adjustment of the “Busy Tone Expiration” parameter.
When making an outgoing call (with of a button-sensor) and when the called subscriber is busy. For a long time, the signal is “busy”. There is no way to pry him!
In this case, you need to reduce the timeout “Busy Tone Expiration”.
Or realize the stop signal is “busy” when the button is pushed.


I agree, outgoing calls are difficult to manage without the web UI.

@grandstream : would it be possible to use the input port (mostly used for buttons) to be a toggle? One press makes the call but if a call is already ongoing, pressing the button again will hangup? That could even be an option.



I don’t think I got your request correctly here. So, do you want GSC3510 to have “Busy Tone Expiration” if the user use the GSC3510 as SIP Device to call other devices?

For this, did you mean by adding another device that will act as a ‘remote’ for the GSC3510?

I want to make sure if I got your feedback correctly before we note it down.

Thank you,


What we mean is:

  • Suppose you’re a teacher in a school;
  • You press the button under the GSC3510, the buttons uses the Input port to trigger a call to the secretary;
  • She is busy, so it gives the Busy Tone until expiration.
  1. Having the option to set the timeout would be good so we could set it lower.
  2. The ability to end a call with another press on the button could be excellent also.

Is this clearer?



Thank you for clearing my mind!
We will note this suggestion and put it into consideration for feature request.



That’s right! Thank.