Bulk users modification in GDS3710


We have 50 GDS3710 in a building of apartments, we have to change the codes manually every time a guest checks out and another checkin. And it is really a lot of time.

Is there some way to do it automatically through 3cx dialling a code? or any other way?



I don’t know whether this is feasible via 3CX dialing code, I bet not, because the card information database is stored in each GDS3710 and has nothing to do with 3CX, unless 3CX can do so with IOT and providing related scripts to manipulate the database on the live, which I don’t think this is going to happen.

That said, since all those 50 units in a building, you can configure them in “Central” Mode and install GDSManager (a free utility) into your PC to centally manage all those 50 units. A simple way to do this is assign each guest a RFID card number (don’t need to be a real RFIC card, you can fake the ID card number as long as it is unique and random, just like the Virtual ID, it is a unique index for the GDS internal card database), assign each guest the schedule or “active” time window, so the code will automatically inactive when guest check out. You can EXPORT from one GDS3710 those card/PIN information into .csv file, then revise and edit them in your PC with Excel, then IMPORT back to the GDS3710 and populate them into all other remaining 49 GDS3710, this way you can centrally manager all the 50 units about the PINS used by Guest and control their code by schedually or manual “Enable/Disable” the PIN (based on check-in/check-out time or preconfigured time window when guest booking the apartment).

Please download the GDSManager from official website and read the User Manual, playing around and familiar with it, before you put into production environment.


Hope this helps. Thank you for using Grandstream Access Control Products.


That could be a solution but there is another problem some guest checks out at 12, and the next one is checkin at 15h the same day.

The card management system seems to work only for a complete day. Is there some option to set a starting time and finishing time.

I belive “schedules” wont work because the guests can stay for 3, 4 days.

Can you advise?


I am not quite understand your application scene, is this hotel or airBnB application?

As I said before, you can assign “Card Number” to your guest (even fake the card number if no physical RFID card used, this is just index of the user database, as long as the number is unique), therefore you can assign “Start” and “End” date when the card is valid (mapping to check-in and check-out date). You don’t need to manage PIN (which is associated with Card Number), you just manager the “Card Number” which mapped to your guest. Also, the card number can mapped with “Virtual Number”, the “Vitural Number” here in apartment application can be mapped to “Room Number” or “Appartment Number”, but BOTH CARD NUMBER and VIRTUAL NUMBER MUST BE UNIQUE, as these are used as INDEX for the user database.

Once you have the “Card”, then you can assign “Schedule” to the cards, so you can control those cards to be active or disable in different schedules, like Office Hour (employees), Off Office Hour (like card for Janitors), or Weekend, Holidays, etc. You can also assign temp Card/Pin for courier services like UPS or FedEx, etc.

Hope this helps. Please advise if you have further questions. Thank you for using Grandstream Access Control Products.