BUGS (mostly with UCM) v1.0.0.31


I have tickets open for these…

  • VMPK keys dont show correctly (Call Park shows as INFO on the screen, see image)
  • Background wont upload from the UCM (all settings are ok)
  • No weather even though the template has it and the PDF file for marketing shows it having the button

Not used / deployed it yet as cant deploy it (due to the VMPK key issue).


Automatic provision doesn’t work for me, but if start provision on the phone, it works:

Backgrund was no problem for me. It just works like on GXP21xx.
May be, you have not filled all 4 different sizes with a picture.

See here:

I use a jpg 640 x 480


The screen resolution for this phone (and the GXP2135) is 320x240

I can upload the image manually, however provisioning from the UCM doesnt work for the screen background (this has been confirmed as a bug by support).

Its supposed to be deployed today, i cant deploy half working hardware, it appears the device is still at BETA testing stage… I have hardware i cant deploy = i cant invoice for = am now loosing more money!