Buggy Firmware (Weather, Caller ID, Etc)


In the middle of my first deployment of Grandstream equipment im and rather frustrated.

Phones arrived GXP2170 running
Upgraded to latest release
Started configuring devices - Identified bug with the Weather APP
Rolled back to
Weather Works, Continuing programming - Identified bug with Caller ID - From header

What next…Have i made a huge mistake selecting Grandstream equpment?


what exactly are the problems you’re having?
I have abolished from the outset the weather forecast, my customer if he wants to see the weather forecast certainly does not buy a phone :slight_smile: then everyone does what they want.


The weather aspect was sorted out and does indeed appear to be a bug, but what about CID?


Rolled back to and now the phone is is showing caller name and not Ring Group name. Even with “From Header” Selected in the sip settings on the device. PBX seems to be sending the correct info, as it was working on…


Could it be replacing the name of the caller because its stored in the phonebook?


How can i disable local phonebook CID override?


As an aside, I just took one of the new 2170s I mentioned and took it out of the box, updated the firmware to 9.135 and checked weather and had no issue. I made no changes to the device other than the upgrade, It is not registered or other and it found my city and presented the current weather and forecast.

It does not appear to be a bug.


If you’ve identified a bug the best information to post to get started is hardware, fw version and the exact steps to reproduce the bug.
In this case it would also be useful to know the pbx/hosted service your handset is registered to
I’ve personally never noticed any issues with the weather service but if I need to know the weather I loom out of the window :slight_smile:


Not to sound like a smart a…, But that proves nothing.

Why would the same configuration file (using their template) work fine on and not Sounds like you did the same level of testing GS does when they roll new firmware.


You can factory reset the device and replicate the same scenario and see if the results are the same. As I don’t have your config nor your network settings I am unable to determine what the issue may be. I can only report the results I have using my network and no config. I will provision it later and see.


I configured the phone as you have shown in the pix you posted using 75214 and it picked up the Dallas weather with no issue.:

I have also since provisioned it and associated it to an extension in a PBX and have no issue and changed the city code to 78504 and it took.

It does not appear to be a firmware issue, but perhaps something else in the template?


Has to be… Can you export your config and look at the weather related Pvalues ? The only other thing Im doing out of the normal is using Layer 2 QoS. 802.1Q/VLAN Tag (VLAN classification for RTP) P51 = 1500 and static ip address. But the devices have no problem reaching my external http server to pull down the background and screensaver files, so i know it has internet/dns. The Config template is named gxp2130_40_60_70_35_config_1.0.9.135.txt, I would assume that is to match the 9.135 firmware.


------My Config that works with .9.127 but not 9.135-----
Use Auto Location Service. 0 - No, 1 - Yes. Default is 1
Number: 0, 1
P8338 = 0

Enable weather update. 0 - No, 1 - Yes. Default is 1
Number: 0, 1
P1402 = 1

City Code
0 - Self-Defined City Code, 1 - Automatic. Default is 1
Number: 0, 1
P1405 = 0

Self-Defined City Code
P1377 = 29072

Update Interval (in minutes). Default is 15
Number: 5 - 360
P1378 = 15

Degree Unit. auto - Automatic, f - Fahrenheit, c - Celsius. Default is auto
String: auto, f, c
P1379 = f


The settings appear to be the same. A download of the .txt file config is too long to post, but the same.

What switch is being used? While I do not have a VLAN in place, I have the capability to do so…given enough time.


see if you can reach “weather.grandstreamapis.com


Core swiches are all Ubiquity Edgeswitch POE’s but i also have a temp Netgear POE switch setup in my conference room for configuration. I can reach that domain. It would be nice if there was a way to ping from the device.


And you can reach it while on the Vlan?

I was doing some examination for someone else with wireshark and ran across that in the capture. I assumed it to be the one of interest, so thought I would pass along.