[BUG] touchscreen does not work until after multiple reboots


Grandstream sent a replacement unit … i removed the screen protector, THEN I powered it on. Comes up to the main screen … the touch screen does not work. I can not swipe side to side … i can not bring down the settings menu to enable wifi … nothing.

Am I doing something totally wrong here? I can’t believe that I have 2 hardware defects … all i am doing is removing the film from the screen and powering the unit on via the USB power connection.




seriously … after 3 reboots, the screen started working.



USB power need 5V/2A, if not 2A, the power is not efficient might lead unknown HW issues.
The Quick Installation Guide should have suggested only use the USB for data, not for power.

We recommend to use PoE or the 10-Pin connector(I don’t remember exactly but the 10pin connector seems to be 12V).


i am using a 2amp rated USB power supply


something is definitely funny when using USB for power, even with a 2A supply. The device WAS working fine, but coming back to it after some time, the touch screen has stopped working again.

I rebooted the device and the touchscreen is functioning normally.

Next time the touchscreen stops working ill try to get a logcat from the web ui


I have the same unit powered via POE source and its working fine with no issues.


@Shawn-GSSupport424 10-pin connector?


We actually had the same issue(of non response) a couple of times at first, but has been stable since. Reboots both times cured, but since I haven’t been able to recreate, I hadn’t reported it as a bug…


Ours has been powered by POE+ switch


I have powered my unit with POE and still I have issues where the touchscreen becomes unresponsive at times.


10-pin connector is this one:

You can use it’s #9 and #10 to connect to an external power adapter (not included in GSC3570 package, need find some own).

I’m checking with our HW team for the touchscreen not working, while if you can provide the Syslog that would be helpful to debug, thank you!


I doubt the touchscreen stopped working, is actually the GUI crashed, could you try to make an incoming call when the touchscreen stopped working? try the home button see if any response? thanks


The capacitive home button DOES work in all cases, even when the touch screen appears non-responsive. I will get a debug log when it happens again.

I will also try to make a call to the device