Bug report: DND displaying even if function is disabled



Ok I was working on a new site where it need the call feature disabled. I had Local features disabled and on the server side I Enabled SCA on the extension. Weirdly enough DND was still working. I disabled DND on the phone and it fixed the issue. Not exactly the behavior I was expecting but nothing to worry about.

Then I saw that even though it was properly disabled the phone would still display the DND warning as if it had worked. Seems like a minor bug where it doesn’t check weither the command was successful or not because I can call the extension just fine.


details are missing so it is impossible to replicate with certainty,
DND can be activated / deactivated in 2 ways, via internal phone codes and via PBX feature code.

A bug can be declared as such if despite the correct operations implemented by the user, following the manual, the service “does not work”.
But here is missing any reference to be able to define it as a bug.

In any case, if you are sure it is a bug, the firmware of the product has been updated etc … it should be reported to Grandstream Support:


Which details are you missing? Maybe I was just unclear? Like I stated I disabled the functions on both the server and the phone. It is working, the user can no longer use the function and get an error 403 if they try… It’s just that when I try the function code the screen on the phone is displaying “Do not disturb” even though it did not activate, which could be confusing for the user.

I double checked to make sure the firmware is up to date and it was.


Phone model?
FW of the phone?
PBX model? FW?
local or remote extensions?

for example, these details and the related scenario are missing.