[BUG] Opus does not always work



I am having intermittant issues of no audio, or hearing buzzing when using the Opus codec. A simple test is to sip:888@conference.freeswitch.org - a freeswitch conference bridge which supports Opus. I have also tested calling my GXV3275 - it seems that if the DP720 makes the call, audio doesnt work, but if it receives the call it does work.

If i remove the Opus codec, and only do G722, then audio works fine in all cases.


Thank you Eric Tamme, we will file a bug and fix this.


Any updates on opus codec work? It seems to be very spotty whether or not it works. I am generally testing against Freeswitch implementations of Opus, but also between other Grandstream devices.


Hi Eric,
Is it possible that you could provide some wireshark trace including syslog? We tried Opus on our UCM and can’t reproduce the problem.


I called 888@conference.freeswitch.org from the DP750 using OPUS with ftmp 125. The FreesSwitch Conference answered with Opus. The call appeared up on the handset, but all I could here was a buzzing and jittering sound.

Here is the syslog https://gist.github.com/etamme/ddb56eff18e342a002bfa7da400cb0a8

I have attached SIP + RTP capture from the perspective of the proxy server between myself and the freeswitch conference server.


I would like to note that this exact same call scenario works fine with GSWave, GXV3275, GXV3240, and GAC2500 calling 888@conference.freeswitch.org using Opus.



I have set up the anon.uphreak.com domain to allow you to dial 888. It will then translate this to 888@conference.freeswitch.org so that you can test and replicate the issue.


Thank you Eric, we will take care of this soon.


Was this ever fixed?