Bug: LDAP (DP750) do not accept server


As topic, do not checked with other models.
It not accept anything :slight_smile:


Seems like it needs http:// in front of it.


check well, you probably put an unnecessary space in front of 192 …


No extra space or whatever.
Http is incorrect it is ldap:// which they specify not add (i added but error still exist).
This field reject everything :slight_smile:


adding http:// or https was the only thing that allowed me to set it. If i switch to the text editor it shows



I think this may be a bug with the DP750 settings page, I tried on a wp820 and it let me set server with just ip.


The DP page doesn’t like a lot of URLs.

LDAP field is messing the value. XML phonebook doesn’t work with FQDN.


hi @Marcin,
I had not seen that it is a setting on the GDMS, even to me gives the same error,

is probably a bug, but the fact remains that that DP7XX will hardly go on a UCM that has the same ip for all UCMs (in fact I leave it empty).
Anyway, it’s worth mentioning.



It is fixed already :slight_smile:


Dear all,

Thank you all for testing GDMS platform! This issue has been fixed in current GDMS platform. We fixed this issue online. Thanks for all your testing.

Thank you!


XML phonebook URL too?

My DP752 won’t set using GDMS. It says “invalid characters”.


Fastest way is feedback on GDMS. Bottom page :slight_smile: Nice hidden :slight_smile:

My customers are happy and start using GDMS in small installations now.


Dear users,

Thank you for your feedback! Phonebook XML URL should be updated too, it also includes this fix. I tested it with DP750’s “Set Parameters” page, and this issue cannot be reproduced. Thanks for all your testing!

Thank you!