[BUG] Issue with GDS3710 "OPEN DOOR" softkey


I have a RING GROUP set on a UCM6204 with the DP730 registered. When the “door bell” button is pressed on the GDS3710 all phones ring (including the DP730), and the ANSWER and OPEN DOOR keys appear on the softkeys as expected.

However, if the OPEN DOOR key is pressed on the DP730, before the ANSWER KEY, the call is dropped from all “ringing” phones.

I am not showing that any unlock code is passed, just a MESSAGE to the UCMcausing the ring group to drop the call


Will test this and get back to you


I can confirm this bug!


Drop is fine, but from description it must be done from GDS (handset cannot cancel ring group call) unless it Answer it. I will check this :slight_smile:

After check -> DP code do not open GDS, but i guess GDS recognize try and close connection to PBX just after it receive message packet.
It is not related to ring group, same problem on direct call via PBX.

So we have 2 bugs:
1 related to GDS which should not close CALL before it is sure that code MATCH.
2 related to DP which is related to wrong code sent before it is answered (or something like this as answered call is open correctly).


The handset should not perform any function in a ring group environment without first answering the call…

At least that is the way the other GXP21XX phones (and WP820) work.


I just captured a trace on another phone, it shows when DP730 pressed “Open” during ringing, the other phone received “487 Cancel” from the SIP server, this should because of GDS send some data the PBX, and PBX consider the call be well handled and send cancel to all others, while it’s not and door remain locked.


I can see this as being a definite issue for the OPEN DOOR key to be semi active without the call being answered.

On the GXP21XX phones, if the call from the GDS3710 is ringing one phone, the OPEN DOOR key can unlock the door without answering the call. On a RING GROUP call, the OPEN DOOR key does not function when pressed until the call is answered.

But, just that the DP752 has the GDS integration is great.