Bug? Getting calls off of park issues


We have a client who we just got a new system for a few days ago, it is the newest version of software. we are struggling with getting calls off of park, quite often when we go to pick up the call, the on-hold music continues to play in the customers ear and the person who had just picked up the phone just hears dead air, but the screen shows that the park has been picked up. If we re-park the the call and then pick it up again we can often get the call back. i beleive it may be a software bug, but we have multiple other systems with the same version of software that dont have this problem, any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated.



Please check the firmware of the PBX, the phone model and firmware level.

How did you setup call park on the phone, i have it working with no issues on the GXP2130v2 and GXP2160 phones.


we have it running on 2130s and 2160s as well, i thought it may be a firmware conflict so i updates all the phones as well. so they are all up to the newest version, but it seems to have the same problem. and as far as the set up, i just have them set as monitored call park keys.


OK, take a further step back for basic testing and don’t use the MPK buttons to pickup the call park and actually dial the number (ex. 702, 701, 703, etc) to make sure there is an issue pickup up parked calls or if the issue seems to happen with the MPK buttons for pickup.

You have to get every option out of the equation to narrow down the point of failure.


I’ve instructed them to do that, the problem seems to come and go a little so I’m going to let them try it for a little while and see if they notice a difference. Thank you guys!


We set the Call Parking as an “extension”, (PBX . Internal Options > Feature Codes > Use Park lot as Extension)


yes, I also have that feature enabled and that is how we use the call parks


Are you using the default slots/numbers?
What are you setting the MPK to?
Does this happen on multiple phones or one phone in particular?
Do you have any filtering between the phones in question and the phone system?

Are they picking up the handset and then pressing the parking slot or vice versa? If they are hearing dead air this is not likely the case, but always good to ask.


No it is not the default, in order to set the extensions in the 100s I put the parking lots at 51-59 and the main parking lot as 50. The MPK is set as a Monitored Call Park key, and it appears to be any phone at random. Also all the phones and the phone system are run off the same network, I don’t think there are any filters that I wouldn’t know about, but we are using a ubiquity 250w switch. Because of the particular symptoms I don’t think it would be my problem, though. Also they are using analog lines rather then sip. Most of them do pick up the handset before pressing the park key, but I don’t think it matters, it occurs either way.


What is the Firmware on the phones?


all the phones are on, I only have 2130’s and 2160’s at this location


We got the same trouble here with our UCM6208 and our GXP2170. I did find a oslution since 1 year…


If you wish to report an issue, please open a new post as this one is 7 years old and things have certainly changed. I am closing the thread.