[BUG] doorbell "number" does not support alphanumeric



I entered the user portion of my AOR, “eric” in the doorbell number field. When I press the doorbell, nothing happens.

I entered the digit extension of 1001 in the doorbell number field. When I press the doorbell - it rings to my user eric via extension alias 1001.

The GDS should support SIP dialing of non digit based addresses.


I think I can confirm this.

See also: Request for SIP URI dialing




Don’t implement this as most current Intercom not support this feature. Also the keypad is digit only, unlike GXP/GXV SIP phone with alpha/letter printed.

Could you advise the real user case or requirement? How important this feature is?


For the virtual numbers you are correct, those can be numeric only, this is what the caller dials. For the SIP number, however, we would want full SIP URI support, and the same goes for alarm destinations.


Hi. My SIP provider only supports video calling via internal SIP numbers. The format is eg “123456789e0”. Without this my doorbell is voice only! This should either be supported with Virtual numbers or as a SIP number.


This will not be supported.

The GDS3710 does NOT have LCD to show the alpha letter entered like normal IP phone or soft phones with display (how are you going to make sure the letter entered is correct without be displayed? everyone’s way to press keypad is different, you don’t make mistake does not mean others will not); also the main function of GDS3710 is access control (door access) although it can be worked as a SIP phone. Also, if you have SIP Proxy, it is very easy to assign digit alias to the user/extension.

Thank you for using GDS3710.