[BUG] Certificate limited to 2048 chars



Via the web UI, we can’t save the SIP TLS certificate. I get this:

My certificate is from 3CX Pro.


We will fix this ASAP, thanks for reporting!


Please note as of it is NOT fixed.


Yes sir, is mainly for the new GUI and Push to Talk feature, and new model support of DP752/DP730. We will add a lot of bug fixes and new feature in next release.


Do you know how long the 3CX Pro SIP TLS certificate could be? we are working on this right now


Here’s how long is mine, so I guess a 4096 chars would be enough. However, it seems to include both the CA and the TLS certificates. (There’s 2 “–BEGIN/END CERTIFICATE–”)


Also, please note that this also affects the of GXP21xx firmware. I get the same error.

The private key works in both.


Also please know that on my GXP2170, I am unable to save the TLS Certificate and Private Key.

I mean it saves, but then I go back and it isn’t there anymore. I tried multiple times, nothing. FW:


We have fixed this issue on DP, next official release should include this fix. As for GXP, I will forward this post to GXP team to look at.


Excellent! Keep me posted on the GXP please. 3CX are working on implementing SIP TLS auto provisioning so they will need this to be fixed.