[BUG] audio quality gets poor after phone has been on for a while




Yes could you please try that as well? We are trying to find a correlation between charging and the audio issue.



I took the handset out of the dock at ~7am this morning and rebooted it.

at 12:30pm I just made a test call to a GXV3275 using the Opus Codec. The call sounded crunchy harsh and tinny on the WP800.

I rebooted the WP800 and made the same call, audio sounded fine. So I don’t believe this is related to charging.



Please check your PM for test load to try.


I tried the new firmware, same issue persists.

I upgraded the phone, factory reset. Let it sit WITHOUT CHARGING about 3 hours later I made a test call and audio was tinny/crunchy degraded. I rebooted the handset and made the same call, audio quality was fine.



Thanks for the test. Could you please provide us the debug package on this build? Also give us the phone configuration so we can reference and setup accordingly.


I tested this morning, intending to capture a debug, but the audio quality was good. Ill try a few more times throughout the day today.



Yes please keep us updated.