[BUG] audio quality gets poor after phone has been on for a while



If I leave the phone on for a long time - a … few days, a week something like that … then I make a phone call, the audio is poor - its like the gain is too high or its overdriven and harsh. It makes G722 sound almost like G711.

If you reboot the phone and make the same call again, the audio quality is returned to normal.



Thanks for the feedback, we have noted this issue.


Not experiencing this. Leaving the phone idle for days and making/receiving a call, audio using exclusively g711u, call quality is as close, if not equal to landline quality.


Right - the issue is that higher quality codecs degrade to sound like lower quality ones, e.g. pcmu.



Are you able to reproduce this issue again? If so, please take a packet capture for us and also the log files. When the problem happened did every call had quality issue until you reboot the handset?



Hey GS.Rick
Yes the issue is reproduceable and it happens on every call after the issue starts until you reboot the phone.

Ive taken full debug logs and pcaps during a call when the issue was occuring.

debugInfo_20180611081546.tar (1.7 MB)
20180611081505.pcap.tar (721.5 KB)



Thanks for the captures. We will investigate the issue.