Bridge UCM with 3CX


Hey guys,

I am currently trying to bridge 3CX with a local UCM to do some testing but I encounter a strange issue: outgoing calls are not working.

So, let me explain:

  • The 3CX has a “Master” bridge created (basically a host for a trunk)
  • The UCM is configured with Register-type trunk, and an inbound/outbound rules has been created. Incoming calls to the UCM works perfectly.
  • On the other side, my UCM can’t call any extensions on 3CX, I get a “No Response” caused by a timeout (yes, ports are opened). I tried creating a rule in 3CX but it doesn’t allow for DID-based rule (like I did on the UCM).

Does anyone ever done this before? They have a doc for bridging 3CX with Asterisk but the config isn’t even close to be the same.

Also, quick note, when 3CX calls UCM, I get the 10002 as Caller ID. The display name works but the CID is the trunk User ID (bridge ID on 3CX). I still can’t figure out this one.


Okay so a little playing around later I got the outgoing calls to work. However, 3CX shows “9” has CID number (the prefix to call UCM from 3CX) and there’s no name.

How can I set these to work?


I too have had fun peering between 3cx and UCM.
I had found 3 solutions but each had its pros and cons.
Unfortunately on 3cx you can create a bridge only with recording and on UCM no (or something similar).
If you want, I have a doc that I did during rehearsals, if you give me an email I’ll send it to you and give us a look if you are interested.


This has been discussed before. Have a look at this thread

[Resolved] UCM to 3cx trunking

I have somewhere a kb article I wrote about this early 2017but I’d need to translate it back to english.


I will take a look a this!


Yes DM please so I can give you my email.


I sent it to you in PM