Bricked? UCM 6102 stuck on Mac address screen


I think I already know the answer, but on the slim chance, thought I’d post.
UCM6102 lost communication/access. We had to replace and restore. After multiple reset / reboots, it’s stuck on the Mac Address screen.
Any hope?


Start unit with power on.
Access with direct IP from screen (new browser or clear cache), this should allow you to see Service page where you can change FW.
You can also try Sd card method for swapping firmware.


Similar issue here -

6104 quit this week. Had an issue with same week prior and a simple reboot fixed issue. This week problem re-occured and looking at display, it indicated recovery mode. Rebooted system and was stuck on booting. Retried and came up with recovery and was able to get into system and presented with recovery screen. Unit was on 17.16. Was able to upgrade firmware and do upgrades and even factory reset from within recovery, but nothing would allow me to recover the unit to its operational state. Factory reset button is non-functional unless I hold it down when applying power in which case I am again presented with the recovery screen. If I do not hold the reset, the system comes up with MAC and then goes into booting, but never comes out of booting. I assume it a a flash issue.

I submitted ticket in the hopes that perhaps there was a utility that might correct whatever I am guessing is a corruption issue, but so far the response has been that an RMA is not forthcoming; which was never asked for as I had stated that the unit had been installed for nearly 5 years and the warranty was no longer in effect. In any event, I am assuming it is a hardware issue and no utility will correct. I had replaced the unit with a loaner pending a response from support that either a fix could be had or that it was beyond hope. It appears to be the latter.


It can be memory corruption :confused:
In that case all changes are not saved.


Yep, that is what I am guessing about the flash.


@ Marcin It will not display an IP…it’s stuck on the Mac Address Screen. I have a backup (that I restored to a replacement unit), so the setup doesn’t matter. I am trying to see if I can salvage the unit (although I’m not sure I would trust it at a customer’s again).


when you try service start also mac only ?


@Marcin, Yes.


Go with RMA we cannot help you i think.


unfortunately outside warranty :frowning:


You can try ticket anyway, maybe they know some other possibility to fix it.


Apply power with the arrow down key pressed. Worked for me with a unit tech support told me to send it for repair.