Bricked GXV3610_HD




Has got to me used camera, obviously inoperative. Electrical problems not found. I connect it to serial console and see this message:

GrandStream UBL Version: 2.22

ARM: 297 MHZ
DDR: 270 MHZ

U-Boot 1.3.4 (Aug 22 2013 - 11:06:25)

I2C:   ready
DRAM:  128 MB
NAND:  128 MiB
ARM:   297 MHZ 
DDR:   270 MHZ 
CLK2:  27 MHZ 
In:    serial
Out:   serial
Err:   serial
Ethernet PHY: KSZ804 @ 0x00
Hit any key to stop autoboot:  2  1  0 
partition [Uboot] is okay
invalid header detected for partition[CORE]
buffer mismatch, 16 vs 13
partition [BASE] is okay
partition [APP1] is okay
partition [APP2] is okay

NAND read: device 0 offset 0x300000, size 0x280000
 2621440 bytes read: OK
Wrong Image Format for bootm command
ERROR: can't get kernel image!

So, kernel image is wrong, absent or something else.

I viewed listing of u-boot environments:

clearenv=nand erase 0xc0000 0x40000;
cleardata=nand erase 0x2b00000 0x400000;
updatecfg=tftp 0x82000000 gsipca1cfg.bin;nand erase 0x200000 0x100000;nand write 0x82000000 0x200000 ${filesize};setmac
updateubl=tftp 0x82000000 gsipca1ubl.bin;nand erase 0x0 0xc0000;nand write.ubl 0x82000000 0x20000 ${filesize}
updateuboot=tftp 0x82000000 gsipca1uboot-fact.bin;image_preburn;nand erase 0x100000 0x100000;nand write 0x82000000 0x100000 ${filesize}
updatecore=tftp 0x82000000 gsipca1core-fact.bin;image_preburn;nand erase 0x300000 0x400000;nand write 0x82000000 0x300000 ${filesize}
updatebase=tftp 0x82000000 gsipca1base-fact.bin;image_preburn;nand erase 0x700000 0x1000000;nand write.squashfs 0x82000000 0x700000 ${filesize}
updateprog1=tftp 0x82000000 gsipca1app1-fact.bin;image_preburn;nand erase 0x01700000 0x800000; nand write.squashfs 0x82000000 0x01700000 ${filesize}
updateprog2=tftp 0x82000000 gsipca1app2-fact.bin;image_preburn;nand erase 0x01f00000 0x800000; nand write.squashfs 0x82000000 0x01f00000 ${filesize}
updateall=run updateubl; run updateuboot; run updatecore; run updatebase; run updateprog1; run updateprog2; run cleardata; run updatecfg
tftpboot=tftp 0x82000000 uImage;setenv bootargs hw=${productid} ${bootargs};bootm 0x82000000
bootcmd=nand read.kernel 0x82000000 0x300000 0x280000;setenv bootargs hw=${productid} ${bootargs};bootm 0x82000000
ver=U-Boot 1.3.4 (Aug 22 2013 - 11:06:25)
bootargs=hw=IP960B2 hw=IP960B2 console=ttyS0,115200n8 root=/dev/mtdblock4 ip= video=davincifb:vid0=OFF:vid1=OFF:osd0=OFF:osd1=OFF

Environment size: 1744/262140 bytes

Where i can get “gsipca1*.bin” or “uImage” files for recovery the camera?

Thanx and sorry for my bad english!


Hi Novex,

Please help to open a ticket on our helpdesk that we can assist on this and try to recover the unit:
helpdesk link :

Once you will open a ticket, one of our engineers will assist.

Best regards,


how did you connect it to a serial port?