Bria PC + UCM Presence/BLF Busy on call


Good Evening all,
Is there a setting I am missing to allow the presence of a softphone contact on Bria for PC to show when another extension is Busy on a call. I have tried peer to peer and server based options.

GXP2130 handsets configured with BLF keys do display the extension as busy but Bria shows extensions as available.

i am aware BLF and presence are different functions but is there any way to sync them or have Bria monitor BLF status instead of Presence?

Bria - Current version
UCM 6204 -
GXP2130 -
Trunks - SIP



Unfortunately, there is no way that I know of, but as BLF is a common function. you might get better information by submitting a ticket to Bria as they will know more so of their own product. Perhaps they have different editions/versions that by upgrading you can get the feature. I think Zoiper has it in their Biz edition.


I have contacted CounterPath, they have advised that Bria uses either XMPP or SIP SIMPLE but not SIP to communicate presence status. I have configured Bria to use presence agent instead of peer-to-peer, but am still not receiving presence updates.

Are the UCM systems able to produce compatible presence status?


Presence and BLF are not the same thing necessarily, but the term presence is oftentimes used to describe BLF function. Usually, BLF is the term used to describe the function of showing the status of the extension. Presence shows the status of the extension owner.

BLF is a function of the SIP subscribe and notify messaging and is supported by the UCM. BLF shows the status of an extension with regard to Available (solid green), Ringing (blinking red) , Busy/In a Call (solid red) and in some systems off-line (no indication).

Presence shows the owner of the extension as being available, away, and other names that depending on the system being used, can have user defined terms, i.e.; vacation, break, doctor appointment, etc.

It might help to know which edition of Bria as there are several and to show a screenshot of the settings in the application.