Boot problem GXP1625 - DEAD - 2 Red leds


Hi to all,

Trying to get my dead GXP1625 back to life the symptoms are:

1 - Its dead…;
2 - The two left (account) leds are lit up and red;
3 - Its dead;
4 - The firmware version is;
5 - It s dead;
6 - Tried button 1 and 9… Tried with no network cable… Tried with other power brick, all to no avail;
7 - It all started when the phone stopped responding and then some screen corruption appeared. A reboot later led to the current state of affairs;
8 - By the way, have I told everyone its dead?

Has anyone been through this? Has any one coaxed it back to life?

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Thanks a bunch



only proof you can do and try to change the power supply (use an original one) or a POE


Hi damiano70,

Thanks for the reply, I have already tried that, changed it from a working phone and this one continues as is, no boot, and the other works as before. So its not the power supply.




if it’s under warranty you can try to open a ticket



The best bet is to RMA it. I was just trying to find out iff anyone had any solution for the problem before sending back the phone.

Thanks all the same.