BMW car phone incompatible


I have the GSWave app installed on my mobile, which is registered with the SIP account of my home phone.

That all works fine except when I connect my mobile to the car (over bluetooth). I can still make and receive calls to all numbers - except my home phone number. In this case I am calling from my native mobile dialler (using my mobile number) and calling to my home SIP phone (where I have that number registered in the GSWave app on my mobile). The call still goes through but the audio is diverted to my mobile instead of being played over the car phone. Any ideas of how to prevent this from happening? It means that I can’t call home while driving.


Missing Exact Scenario, Description of the Problem, FW, Server VoiP ETC…


Hi Damiano70,

Thanks for responding.

I tried to capture the exact scenario in my original post.
When I have my mobile connected to my car via bluetooth, if I call my home phone the audio falls back to my mobile instead of going through the car speakers (i.e. I can’t have a handsfree call to my home phone).

That only happens when I call my home phone.

My home phone is a VOIP service supplied by SIPGATE. I have Dect phones at home and I have the GSWave app on my mobile (so that I can pick up calls when I’m not at home).

There is some bad interaction between the native mobile dialler and the GSWave app on my mobile such that when I call home I lose Handsfree.

You also asked for FW - the firmware version I presume? But for what? The App (but that’s software not firmware)? The mobile? What firmware version do you want to know?

How would you like me to respond to “Server VOIP ECT” ? (I know what a “server” is, I know what “VOIP” is and I know what “ETC” means! But I have no idea what information you want!).



honestly I can’t understand the scenario,
said this:

  • Keep in mind that GS Wave is a free app (there are other free ones you can try)
  • problems of incompatibility with BT are normally present in any situation, sometimes not solvable
  • I don’t understand what the number of the house centered with the number registered on your phone
  • You may have codec problems, but not having understood the score
  • they could in any case be the manager’s problems, I therefore invite you to ask them
  • This is a user-user forum, not greatstream assistance that you find at the link below


Okay -thanks

I’ll try the helpdesk


Dear user,

Thank you for using Wave application! This test scenario is very special, and generally, if we want to troubleshoot the Bluetooth connection issue, we need to capture the ADB Logcat in your mobile phone. You can try to reproduce this issue and export the ADB Logcat from your cell phone and send to us for troubleshooting. Thanks for your testing!

Thank you!