Bluetooth headset issues


I’ve tested the WP800 with my Plantronics Explorer 50 and I’ve discovered the following issues:

  • noise/interference in all the calls
  • on incoming calls, WP800 doesn’t notify the headset that the call was answered, so the headset keeps alerting that there’s a new call after it has been picked up

Note: I tested the bluetooth headset previously (with my cellphone) and none of above mentioned issues happened.

This was tested with the latest firmware version (


I also have noise via BT, need recheck on last soft.



Does this only happen when the bluetooth is far from the handset or also when it is next to it? Are both parties noticing the noise or just one side?

Just to clarify, was the call answered from the handset and then the bluetooth still kept ringing? We made some improvement to the bluetooth pick up performance in recent firmware so please recheck again when it is released.



I’ve tested this while the bluetooth device was near WP800 (about 50cm). Yes, both parties get noise on both outgoing and incoming calls.

Yes, that’s exactly what happens. It happens if you pickup the call on either the phone or the headset.



Thanks for information. We confirmed here that the pick up performance is greatly improved on 1.0.1.x firmware. We have plans to do additional test for noise/interference on the latest build. When the firmware is released, please help verify as well to see if the issues still exist for your particular headset.



Of course. Is there a date set for this firmware’s release?



ETA is currently early July.