Bluetooth Headset Audio Routing Issues


My configuration: GXV3370 (Firmware, Windows 7 PC connected by bluetooth for PC dialing (JustRemotePhone, Bluetooth services disable are: Advanced Audio, Headset Audio Gateway, RemotePhone, RemotePhoneData), and a Vont VNT-BTH01 Bluetooth Headset.
I’m having a few issues with bluetooth headset audio routing. The worse problem is that intermittently the phone will lose audio. No call audio from either the headset, speaker, or handset. Rebooting the phone fixes this. It varies when this happens, but normally one to twice per week.
The other issue is when placing a call using the headset, again intermittently, the outgoing ring audio occurs on the phone’s speaker. Normally full volume which is quite jarring to my coworkers, sometimes at the volume I have to set which also reduces incoming ring volume.
There seems to be some bluetooth audio routing issues with this phone. It has had the issues since I purchased the bluetooth headset, several firmware versions ago. I’ve been holding out for a firmware release to address this, but now I’m not sure anyone else is using a similar configuration to mine.


This is not a Grandstream product - and you are on a user forum.

If you need Grandstream direct assistance - try


This was posted in the GXV3370 section which clearly is a Grandstream device.
I’m not asking for help with the specific headset, it could be any headset. The headset works fine all day and every day when I tested it for a week with an android cell phone.
Also, I do know where I am and where I’m posting.
I’m hoping that if anyone has seen these issues, perhaps they would comment as to how they have resolved them, or pipe in and say I’ve seen this also with this device.
Searching the forums (which I did do prior to posting), bluetooth issues don’t seem to be all too uncommon with Grandstream phone products.
I will reach out to Grandstream themselves when I determine that it is appropriate to do so.


You do not have a compatable headset that has been tested to work with the Grandstream GXV3370 handset, it is not compatable.

Consider buying those from the list - Plantronics / Jabra are two of the leaders in telecommunications headsets.


Not arguing that point - The GXV-3370 is clearly a Grandstream product designed for the telco market.

Incorrect - clearly it can’t be just any headset. You are stating that because you bought a usb headset it should work - well no it doesnt work. You have purchased a headset that is not designed for working with the GXV-3370 Grandstream headset. The headset manufacturer has not put enough effort into making their product conform ergo why i said this is not a Grandstream product - you need to argue with the headset manufacturer - not Grandstream.

Yes, that is great, however you are trying to get a non compatable product to work with the Grandstream GXV-3370.

You get what you pay for - the Headset you have costs $25.99 - only really compatable with a Windows PC and blue tooth Cell Phones (maybe not all of them).
Now a Grandstream GUV3050 BT Headset will cost around $150 which works with the GXV-3370 handset, a Plantronics Blue Tooth Headset will cost around $285 which works with the GXV-3370 handset - 11 times the price of what you paid - but it works.

Just because the headset is bluetooth, doesnt mean it will work with everything you plug the dongle into.

This is true for those that wish to use non Grandstream compatable devices.


Thank you for your time responding and for the compatibility document.
I think I’m going to try to resolve two problems in one after speaking with a friend who sells Grandstream products about different headsets he has used and sold. The other problem I have been having is range which is definitely a shortcoming of bluetooth. If I get one of the DECT models, it’ll remove bluetooth from the equation, and increase the operating range of the headset to something that better fits my use case scenario. I did choose one of the headsets in the compatibility document.
I work in a customer support role for IT/connectivity, so I’m on the phone and using a computer simultaneously for the better part of the day. The Vont was purchased as a cheap way to see if a headset would work well for my workflow, and it did with the exception of the intermittent audio dropouts (which affected not only the headset, but the whole phone’s audio which was the concerning part) and the range limitation so I suppose I am ready invest in a better piece of hardware at this point.
Hopefully moving forward I won’t be rebooting my phone several times a week in order to get audio back.